7 July 2010

The perfect bathing suit

I have been searching for the perfect swimwear for a long time, online and in stores, but hadn't found anything good for me. That means the perfect fit and something new that I don't already have. Everything was either too...brazilian for me (I don't think I have the courage to walk up and down the beach with 2/3 of my bottom showing), really boring (just how many floral-mixed prints, triangle-string bikinis can you handle) or too retro (big bottoms that spread all around your tummy and thighs)Until one rainy afternoon as I was wondering in the city stores I went inside Undercolors of Benetton. After trying on nearly everything in store, because I couldn't decide which one I liked better, amazingly they all had great fit! I decided I liked the white velour two piece swimsuit with the red-blue ribbons on the sides and around the neckline. It fits great, has a retro-chic vibe and I cannot wait to wear it! And when today, I saw this Natasha Poly editorial shot by Mario Sorrenti in Paris Vogue (THE ultimate fashion Bible) I know I made the perfect choice!
See you at the beach!

p.s. Did I mention it was my birthday, so my sister and my friends bought it for me plus the matching blue velour shorts and flip flops? It doesn't get any better than this!