18 November 2010

fashionizin has a sister

Based on my love for magazines, I have created a fellow blog with the title : The Magazine Cover Lover, and it's all about magazine covers. Stop by and tell me your thoughts, I'll be waiting...


10 November 2010

Look inside The Selby Book

If you can't get a copy of "The Selby Is In Your Place", like me, here is your chance to browse through it. You know I love Todd Selby's site, so when I received this mail I was sooo happy. This link  will get you there. BUT hurry up, don't put it in the "I really have to check this link sometime when I have the time" list. Make time to see it because it's there only until the Friday 12 of November, 9a.m. EST!!
By the way it's just as amazing as I expected it would be! Have fun and get inspired!!