2 November 2012

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Olga Sherer on blue horse Sennowe Park, Norfolk, 2007 photo: Tim Walker
Who doesn't like a good story in fashion? None other is better telling one through his photos, than Tim Walker. Balloons, unicorns, spaceships, white swans, pastel kitties are only some of the magic parts filling out each photo shoot, making it feel it just came out of a fairy tale. If you are interested in learning more and being fascinated by his work drop by Somerset House, London to check out the exhibition focusing on his work. It will stay open until 27th January.
The Ice Rink is also opening on the 16th of November if you are interested. 

Ice skating, fairy tale photos, the Somerset house as a background and with Christmas around the corner, a girl doesn't need more to feel like a true princess.

Keep on dreaming..

for more information Tim Walker: Story Teller


2 October 2012

New logo alert "HDG"

Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy is honoring the great creator, of the house he has managed to keep up to date with the 21st century women's taste. The show for spring/summer 2013 was overall amazing, with the ruffles and the baby blue hues, and there were also the leather envelope clutches with the new golden logo HDG standing for Hubert De Givenchy.
A simple font is used and it kind of brings to mind the H2O type-> water. Well Givenchy is just as important...


(images from style.com)

24 September 2012

Dolce Gabbana or Marc Jacobs?

Dolce Gabbana s/s 2013
Marc Jacobs s/s 2013
That is the question! The debate of the black and white skirt suit has begun. It seems that in fashion too, great minds think alike. We have seen lots of black and white so far in the s/s 2013 catwalk and lots of stripes too. But these too are strikingly similar. So which one do you prefer? Are you a stripes person? 


both images from style.com

21 September 2012

The end of the clutch

they came in fur too!

"If Prada does it, everyone will afterwards" is a common saying around fashion people, and yesterday at the show for next spring we witnessed something new. Well not completely new, as nothing in fashion really is, but something we haven't seen for a long time. There were no clutch/ big envelope bags accessorising the clothes. You know the ones every cool girl has been photographed holding, even though sometimes they were so big you almost needed two hands to hold? But there were never handles. Lucky for us girls, Miuccia things we should have them back! I know I will be a fan as I am really tired of trying to hold my bag close under my armpit, while talking on the phone and holding a glass of wine. Now with the mini totes you can slide your hand through and it just hangs there giving you freedom of movement. So reminiscent of late 90's early 2000! Plus they are extra ladylike and cute as a little Barbie bag.

* If you check my post below you'll see Marc Jacobs did it too, so you can't go wrong with these two.

Bye bye simple two dimension piece of leather, hello "little hand held bags" as british Vogue described them.

all images from style.com

p.s.: Check out the shoes too. So ugly and intriguing shape, but let Prada put a bow on it and some roses and now I've got to have them!!


20 September 2012

I love Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs s/s 2013 images from style.com

must have sweater

get the look

Marc by Marc Jacobs s/s 2013

Nobody is as cool, creative and original as the wonderful mr. Marc Jacobs. Come to think that each year he designs 12 -that is TWELVE!- collections, four for each of the brands he is head of design, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Marc by Marc Jacobs, makes him the hardest working person in the fashion industry. The fact that he somehow manages to have a different vision for each brand, makes him the most talented designer of his time. My first purchase was a Marc by Marc Jacobs denim logo printed bag, back when the logo was Marc -in bold letters- Jacobs. I loved it and felt so special wearing it, and that was only the beginning. Lots of pairs of shoes came afterwards, flats, flatforms, pumps, rain boots, lots of tshirts too, bags, perfumes and somehow I always felt that Marc "gets me" and I get him. 

" I don't think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot " Marc Jacobs

"... nor for stripes", he must have thought afterwards and designed his amazing spring/summer 2013 Marc Jacobs collection, with the striped, two piece skirt suits, simple cuts and those four "I-would-easily-wear-this" maxi long sleeved dresses (now available for pre-order through moda operandi ). In the same graphic spirit his Marc by Marc Jacobs line (also available through moda operandi clothes and accessories), came out more young and playful, with mixed patterns and those lovely scarves wrapped around the waist or worn as turbans. So although they were two totally different collections they were somehow coherent. 

Looking forward for the Louis Vuitton show later in Paris, especially after last season's train station extravaganza, I have a feeling this one will be toned down luxury.


all images from style.com
p.s. I would like the white/blue checkered satchel, the orange turban , the printed sweater, striped shorts and the boyfriend jeans for next summer. What would you choose?