28 January 2010

Givenchy chanelling Bowie

I recently came across this old photo of David Bowie at nme and it instantly made me think of the Givenchy SS10 jacket. It is practically identical to the one Bowie is wearing, isn't it? Perhaps Riccardo Tisci was a huge fan of him...
(runway pictures from style.com)


20 January 2010

Fashion from A to Z

All images from www.nmyv.com

There is a new font made out of the most fashionable key items every season. Shoes, bags, gloves, dresses everything that can be cut out from magazines gives form to the "Fashion Font". Her name is Yvette Yunjung, Yang and she was born in Seoul, Korea. She is a very talented graphic designer who has worked for Korean Vogue and is currently a student from St. Joost, The Netherlands. The first time she did a fashion alphabet was in 2007 from the F/W collections. She believes tha "the image is the message" and this is why she created an image font that is more meaningful. These fonts don't need spelling, you get the message simply by looking at them. Looking forward to more magazines collaborations


14 January 2010

Ralph Lauren "Crystalize" me please!!!!

After "The Attack of The Studs", during winter, comes the spring "Attack of The Crystals" (Swarovski most preferably). Never before have I been so excited about a Ralph Lauren collection as his latest for the summer of 2010. I mean he always has classic american style written all over but this...Amazing jeans, dresses and tops in an incredably laid back yet chic style that looked so fresh and at the same time wearable by all ages. And near the end comes the gem of the collection, a pair of ripped-torn out boyfriend jeans, completely covered in swarovsky crystals both on the front and back. Breathless. I cannot even describe how much I want a pair. "Crystalized" tank tops and dresses were there too. Sales are officialy starting tomorrow here in Greece-at last. Everyone says during sales you should invest in something classic, that will come in handy next winder too, perhaps an expensive brand you couldn't afford etc. I myself am not sure yet what it's gonna be. BUT I know I want a pair of white sneakers and a new pair of jeans, a t-shirt, maybe a nice dress and I want them all to be covered with little crystals!! Am I asking much? We'll see...

photos from style.com

8 January 2010

From Mulberry to Alexa with Love

The new Mulberry bag inspired by Alexa Chung, was announced during the Fashion week back in September 2009. Now we can finally see what comes from the mixing of a super cool british girl's style and a luxurious plus traditional British fashion house. Alexa Chung is one of my personal favorites, she is in the spotlight even more lately hence her unique mix & match style and the fact that she moved to New York (word is that she might be heading back home now though). You can hardly name her merely an "it Girl" because she is so much cooler than all those girls that go around holding the latest designer bags or wearing Balmain dresses with booties (don't get me wrong I love those dresses too, but there is a time when enough is enough).

So here you have it. The new "The Alexa" line of bags will be available soon and it is a mix of the amazing Bayswater (one of the house's trademarks and seen on Alexa in almost all the colors available) and the men's briefcase, mixed with feminine features. Combining classic leather and shape plus being one the most awaited products of S/S 2010 it is sure to become a great hit.


7 January 2010

Natalia New Year's Yves

Everybody loves Vodianova, you have to have a problem if you don't. She is sweet, kind, and embodies a very encouraging idol. She was poor, warking hord from when she was very young and dispite the difficulties managed to become one of the most well paid top models of our time. Only 28 years old, she is happily married to the English blue-blooded Justin Portman (if she took his last name we would kind of have a problem when reffering to the "lovely Natali-a Portman) and has three children. So if you say you don't like her you propably envy her. Admit it. This summer her face will be in all the fashion magazines around the world, as she is the new face of Yves Saint Laurent. Succeeding Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Cambel in this position we guess she is officialy concidered a member of "The Top Models". Shot in a studio in New York, by the amazing photographic duo Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin under the artistic supervision of YSL's creative director Stephano Pilati of course she looks great.


5 January 2010

Barbie Me Gaga

If you are talented and have plenty of imagination, something good must come out of you. The 29 -year-old Beijing based Barbie/Lady Gaga lover, Veik, transforms simple blond Barbies into super stylish extravagant Lady Gaga dolls. Inspired by some of Gaga's most talked about outfits, he turns them into "mini-me" style icons. It's all in the detail so take a good closer look. Perhaps Mattel will be interested in a collaboration. It would be a massive hit for sure...


3 January 2010

Happy Brand New 2010

The new year is here. So is a new decade, the " '10s " I guess but it doesn't really sound that good, neither did the " '00s ". Anyway, we'll just have to wait for the '20s. In the meantime we'll, hopefully, have many amazing calendars with the best models/actresses/"it girls" of the fashion scene, shot by the best photographers, at the most amazing locations. 2010 will be great with 3 new calendars. Once again they come from the "calendars' best trifecta", Lavazza, Pirelli and Campari. Enjoy...


Shot by one of UK's most talented photographers, Miles Aldridge on location at the Cinecitta Studios in Rome, with six of the best models now, including it girl Daisy Lowe, Hearst Publications heiress, Lydia Hearst and Italian beauty Bianca Balti. The signature style of Miles Aldridge, with fluorescent-vibrant colors, it certainly is a calendar for the wall of every fashionista's house.


The Pirelli Calendar is always sexier than others, in a more obvious straightforward way. This year shot by Terry Richardson it's as sexy as it gets. Daisy Lowe must have been very busy since she is in this calendar too, along with Cathrene McNeil, Lily Cole, Miranda Kerr and 7 more famous models, running around naked or half naked, in a beautiful beach in Brazil. Terry is the only one who can make the girls get naked, feel comfortable and take such pictures. A great gift for every guy.


Olga Kurylenco was a Bond Girl and this could be enough for becoming the face of 2010 Campari Calendar. But, she also has a striking figure and an amazing face, which sum up to the perfect girl for the "red passion" drink. Shot by the young Italian photographer Simone Nervi in Milan, the pictures are powerful and sexy, plus they have amazing clothes and shoes by Italy's most popular designers, like Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino to name a few.