18 November 2010

fashionizin has a sister

Based on my love for magazines, I have created a fellow blog with the title : The Magazine Cover Lover, and it's all about magazine covers. Stop by and tell me your thoughts, I'll be waiting...


10 November 2010

Look inside The Selby Book

If you can't get a copy of "The Selby Is In Your Place", like me, here is your chance to browse through it. You know I love Todd Selby's site, so when I received this mail I was sooo happy. This link  will get you there. BUT hurry up, don't put it in the "I really have to check this link sometime when I have the time" list. Make time to see it because it's there only until the Friday 12 of November, 9a.m. EST!!
By the way it's just as amazing as I expected it would be! Have fun and get inspired!!


25 October 2010

THE Perfect Boots

(images from www.style.com)
Dior is one of my favorite fashion houses. I love what John Galliano is doing there, even though our relationship has had its ups and downs (some collections were simply OK but most are amazing). This Fall collection is definetely one of my favorites and besides the dreamy clothes, Galliano designed the ultimate pair of over knee boots. First quality leather, laces, buckles and harness style around the feet, in the signature Dior renaissance vibe, there's nothing better out there. Wearable (I want them with lingerie style dresses and skinny faded jeans), sexy and tough. Louboutin is surely sexy but I think only Giovanna Battaglia managed to pull off those red studded thigh high boots at the 90 years Paris Vogue Party. The Dior boots are available here    in case you are interested.


8 October 2010

The Peter Pan Effect

(images from style.com and around the internet)
Wikipedia gives the definition: "Peter Pan collars are a popular collar style for younger children" and mostly worn by female. I don't really see the reason why Disney didn't give its character Peter Pan a round-edged collar, especially since it is named after him, but I know that lately all I want is those white collars as seen on my favorite girl, Alexa Chung. She also designed some for her line with Madewell, but I don't have access. I had my eyes on this one  but unfortunatelly it is out of stock now. There are alternatives though like this one and this one . We'll see, I would also love a white shirt or a blouse with this collar. Peter Pan Collar is my thing for now!


29 September 2010

Lanvin X Style.com

(first picture my own, all other images from style.com)
My new favorite t-shirt is in my closet. My precious Alber Elnaz designed t-shirt is just as amazing as it looked in the pictures (+ 100% organic cotton). And knowing only 400 were printed it makes it even more unique. This Lanvin t-shirt is part of a collection style.com launched for their 10th anniversary marked with the latin number "X". Ten designers were asked to create one t-shirt each all having in common an "X". Calvin Klein is too minimal for me, Rodarte too complicated, Alexander Wang's reminds me of pasties and Lady Gaga, Proenza Schouler is too DIY, Kane's was just "nice", Prada has two little guys on the bottom I've never seen before, so I had to choose from Rick Owens' very strong design, Balmain's which reminds me of  Ba-Rock fountain pen writting, Givenchy's spinal print reminiscent of The Amazing Fall 2010 Couture Show and a classic Alber Elbaz for Lanvin sketch. Of course the little monster in the red bodysuit won! I bought mine from colette, but you can also buy yours from
http://stylelimitededition.myshopify.com/. Now !! they won't be here for long you know...


30 August 2010

Lady in Blue

(all images from Just Jared)
January Jones is the second reason (after Jon Hamm) I watch Mad Men, actually all of the cast are. I think she is very elegant, a modern lady, never showing too much nor beeing  a prude at the same time. She hits the right balance all the time, even when in jeans. This is how all young actresses should dress. Last night at the Emmy's she was dashing. The bold choice of color and design of this Versace gown, suited her figure perfectly. With only the right amount of bare skin she looks classy and modern at the same time. Her loose shine hair and this discrete make up complete the look. Talk about nailing the look, Congratulations Mrs Draper!


23 August 2010

Bag a bug !

Big, Shiny and Stylish, bugs were allover the place at the Bottega Veneta show. We are used to a more classic, kind of uptight yet feminine looks at the milanese house but these jewels were surely a welcoming surprise. They are kind of scary and kind of cute at the same time. They are on sale at net-a-porter and if you can't afford the amazing Lacquered silver knot insect clutch maybe those earrings ... no? Well I can't spend this much either, maybe I'll stick with topshop bumble bee ring or this insect one
You know I am about to start hunting for more insects, you can tell it from all the flies I use as a background that I find them very appealing (of course I don't enjoy their company if they are alive)


19 August 2010

The charming Jon Hamm

(all photos courtesy of W Magazine)

I loved Mad Men the day I watched the very first episode. It wasn't mainly about the plot, it was the characters, the atmosphere of the late 50's and of course the charming Don Draper, actor Jon Hamm. So when I saw his latest cover on W Magazine I absolutely loved it. He is posing with his costar, in the Ben Afleck directed upcoming movie, "The Town", the lovely Rebecca Hall and they both look stunning. You can read the entire interview here. What I think is mostly worth bying this issue, is the amazing photospread of the two. I find it very interesting when actors, singers etc. are photographed as if they are models telling a story through the pictures. Shot by Nathaniel Goldberg and styled by Lori Goldstein, Jon Hamm looks breathtaking. This is what all men should look like, polished and put together, while at the same time masculine and relaxed. Metrosexuals are definetely over, welcome back real men!


7 July 2010

The perfect bathing suit

I have been searching for the perfect swimwear for a long time, online and in stores, but hadn't found anything good for me. That means the perfect fit and something new that I don't already have. Everything was either too...brazilian for me (I don't think I have the courage to walk up and down the beach with 2/3 of my bottom showing), really boring (just how many floral-mixed prints, triangle-string bikinis can you handle) or too retro (big bottoms that spread all around your tummy and thighs)Until one rainy afternoon as I was wondering in the city stores I went inside Undercolors of Benetton. After trying on nearly everything in store, because I couldn't decide which one I liked better, amazingly they all had great fit! I decided I liked the white velour two piece swimsuit with the red-blue ribbons on the sides and around the neckline. It fits great, has a retro-chic vibe and I cannot wait to wear it! And when today, I saw this Natasha Poly editorial shot by Mario Sorrenti in Paris Vogue (THE ultimate fashion Bible) I know I made the perfect choice!
See you at the beach!

p.s. Did I mention it was my birthday, so my sister and my friends bought it for me plus the matching blue velour shorts and flip flops? It doesn't get any better than this!


12 May 2010

Anna dello Russo Touch

(all images from fashionista)
The woman behing Vogue Nippon is the super-stylish-to say the least- Anna dello Russo. Being the fashion director of a magazine and having your pictures taken all the time means you are practically obliged to be dressed to the nines. But every time you see a photo of hers, it's as if she doesn;t even try and that's the essence of personal style. This is a spread from Vogue Nippon Accessories issue and I think it has her name written all over it. The extra large colorful jewellery are kind of her favorite...but her unbreakable rule is one: NO make up.-