25 October 2010

THE Perfect Boots

(images from www.style.com)
Dior is one of my favorite fashion houses. I love what John Galliano is doing there, even though our relationship has had its ups and downs (some collections were simply OK but most are amazing). This Fall collection is definetely one of my favorites and besides the dreamy clothes, Galliano designed the ultimate pair of over knee boots. First quality leather, laces, buckles and harness style around the feet, in the signature Dior renaissance vibe, there's nothing better out there. Wearable (I want them with lingerie style dresses and skinny faded jeans), sexy and tough. Louboutin is surely sexy but I think only Giovanna Battaglia managed to pull off those red studded thigh high boots at the 90 years Paris Vogue Party. The Dior boots are available here    in case you are interested.


8 October 2010

The Peter Pan Effect

(images from style.com and around the internet)
Wikipedia gives the definition: "Peter Pan collars are a popular collar style for younger children" and mostly worn by female. I don't really see the reason why Disney didn't give its character Peter Pan a round-edged collar, especially since it is named after him, but I know that lately all I want is those white collars as seen on my favorite girl, Alexa Chung. She also designed some for her line with Madewell, but I don't have access. I had my eyes on this one  but unfortunatelly it is out of stock now. There are alternatives though like this one and this one . We'll see, I would also love a white shirt or a blouse with this collar. Peter Pan Collar is my thing for now!