30 August 2010

Lady in Blue

(all images from Just Jared)
January Jones is the second reason (after Jon Hamm) I watch Mad Men, actually all of the cast are. I think she is very elegant, a modern lady, never showing too much nor beeing  a prude at the same time. She hits the right balance all the time, even when in jeans. This is how all young actresses should dress. Last night at the Emmy's she was dashing. The bold choice of color and design of this Versace gown, suited her figure perfectly. With only the right amount of bare skin she looks classy and modern at the same time. Her loose shine hair and this discrete make up complete the look. Talk about nailing the look, Congratulations Mrs Draper!



  1. It's so fun to watch events like the Emmy's to see beautiful gowns like this one. She is very lovely.

  2. That's funny because I watch Mad men because of John Hamm and her as well. She's not getting a lot of air time this season though. Pooey!

    And I do love her dress here. She looks very elegant and chic. Not too done up with the toussled har


  3. Oh, I love her. Classic beauty. OBSESSED WITH MAD MEN! Great blog...


    November Grey