8 April 2010

I want to live in The Selby

(all photos courtesy of The Selby)

There is something about the spaces The Selby shows us all-mere-mortals, that makes you wanna jump right into them. It is not like when a famous person shows his place in a magazine after having it all cleaned and tidied up, perhaps inspected by a professional decorator, because then it usually gives you the idea that no one actually lives there and they just use other rooms to sleep/eat/ bathe etc.. Oh but the Selby pics, those are really something. Todd Selby - an interiors and fashion photographer-, captures the owners (usually someone with distinctive personality, style and creative like Cecilia Dean or Sally Singer), in their natural everyday surroundings, or at least it looks that way. If you are looking for some inspiration to decorate your new house or re-vamp your current one, then just click through! Personally, I find something amazing (and doable) in every single space...



  1. Great photos.
    I really like your blog!
    XO Veronica

  2. what's this place ? it seems just fabulous :)

    the pic are very nice ! my blog is just new.. and i add u in my favorite !

    see u :)

  3. thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!
    this is not one place, it is a blog that shows many people's places, one at every post

    have a look at