14 January 2010

Ralph Lauren "Crystalize" me please!!!!

After "The Attack of The Studs", during winter, comes the spring "Attack of The Crystals" (Swarovski most preferably). Never before have I been so excited about a Ralph Lauren collection as his latest for the summer of 2010. I mean he always has classic american style written all over but this...Amazing jeans, dresses and tops in an incredably laid back yet chic style that looked so fresh and at the same time wearable by all ages. And near the end comes the gem of the collection, a pair of ripped-torn out boyfriend jeans, completely covered in swarovsky crystals both on the front and back. Breathless. I cannot even describe how much I want a pair. "Crystalized" tank tops and dresses were there too. Sales are officialy starting tomorrow here in Greece-at last. Everyone says during sales you should invest in something classic, that will come in handy next winder too, perhaps an expensive brand you couldn't afford etc. I myself am not sure yet what it's gonna be. BUT I know I want a pair of white sneakers and a new pair of jeans, a t-shirt, maybe a nice dress and I want them all to be covered with little crystals!! Am I asking much? We'll see...

photos from style.com


  1. those are some cool pants! :)


  2. Λατρεύω τα παντελόνια!
    Δές και το δικό μου blog αν θέλεις:


  3. Extremely biased and distasteful comment made on the Sartorialist blog about the look of Joan of Riio. Yes, in Brazil there are also winter and used boots and coats, it is a country of continental proportions and not all places do as much heat as in Rio There Hermes stores in Brazil and sells very well! There are many Birkins, kelis, chanel, and many others out there. You think that in Brazil we're all naked? Better to study and learn a little more. It would just be ignorance of aspects of other countries on your part? Would envy?
    Josiane Ruiz Ribas

  4. I sincerely hope you approve my comment.
    Hugs from Brazil.

  5. Josiane, I'm sorry you took my comment the wrong way. I was only joking and didn't mean to offend you or any other brazilian in any way. So I'm sorry if I did.

  6. I never understand why you should pay extra to get your jeans torn.