3 January 2010

Happy Brand New 2010

The new year is here. So is a new decade, the " '10s " I guess but it doesn't really sound that good, neither did the " '00s ". Anyway, we'll just have to wait for the '20s. In the meantime we'll, hopefully, have many amazing calendars with the best models/actresses/"it girls" of the fashion scene, shot by the best photographers, at the most amazing locations. 2010 will be great with 3 new calendars. Once again they come from the "calendars' best trifecta", Lavazza, Pirelli and Campari. Enjoy...


Shot by one of UK's most talented photographers, Miles Aldridge on location at the Cinecitta Studios in Rome, with six of the best models now, including it girl Daisy Lowe, Hearst Publications heiress, Lydia Hearst and Italian beauty Bianca Balti. The signature style of Miles Aldridge, with fluorescent-vibrant colors, it certainly is a calendar for the wall of every fashionista's house.


The Pirelli Calendar is always sexier than others, in a more obvious straightforward way. This year shot by Terry Richardson it's as sexy as it gets. Daisy Lowe must have been very busy since she is in this calendar too, along with Cathrene McNeil, Lily Cole, Miranda Kerr and 7 more famous models, running around naked or half naked, in a beautiful beach in Brazil. Terry is the only one who can make the girls get naked, feel comfortable and take such pictures. A great gift for every guy.


Olga Kurylenco was a Bond Girl and this could be enough for becoming the face of 2010 Campari Calendar. But, she also has a striking figure and an amazing face, which sum up to the perfect girl for the "red passion" drink. Shot by the young Italian photographer Simone Nervi in Milan, the pictures are powerful and sexy, plus they have amazing clothes and shoes by Italy's most popular designers, like Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino to name a few.


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