29 December 2009

Defining "fashionizin"

"Fashionizin" is an infinitive I made up. It derives from the word "fashion" and the greek infinitive "zin" (actually spelled "ζην" in greek and pronounced "zin" which means "to live"). So there you have it, this blog is all about, living in fashion. Fashion is everywhere, from the dress you choose to wear, to the cocktail you drink, from the places where you travel to, to the music you hear and many many more hidden places. Based somewhere in Greece, I love the magic of fashion (not in a fashion victim"i-have-to-have-all-the-new-it-things-of-the-season", kind of way), the way it grows on us and very soon after it fades. Pictured above is Sasha in last years January editorial for Vogue. Hope you enjoy my blog.


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