8 January 2010

From Mulberry to Alexa with Love

The new Mulberry bag inspired by Alexa Chung, was announced during the Fashion week back in September 2009. Now we can finally see what comes from the mixing of a super cool british girl's style and a luxurious plus traditional British fashion house. Alexa Chung is one of my personal favorites, she is in the spotlight even more lately hence her unique mix & match style and the fact that she moved to New York (word is that she might be heading back home now though). You can hardly name her merely an "it Girl" because she is so much cooler than all those girls that go around holding the latest designer bags or wearing Balmain dresses with booties (don't get me wrong I love those dresses too, but there is a time when enough is enough).

So here you have it. The new "The Alexa" line of bags will be available soon and it is a mix of the amazing Bayswater (one of the house's trademarks and seen on Alexa in almost all the colors available) and the men's briefcase, mixed with feminine features. Combining classic leather and shape plus being one the most awaited products of S/S 2010 it is sure to become a great hit.


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