2 November 2012

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Olga Sherer on blue horse Sennowe Park, Norfolk, 2007 photo: Tim Walker
Who doesn't like a good story in fashion? None other is better telling one through his photos, than Tim Walker. Balloons, unicorns, spaceships, white swans, pastel kitties are only some of the magic parts filling out each photo shoot, making it feel it just came out of a fairy tale. If you are interested in learning more and being fascinated by his work drop by Somerset House, London to check out the exhibition focusing on his work. It will stay open until 27th January.
The Ice Rink is also opening on the 16th of November if you are interested. 

Ice skating, fairy tale photos, the Somerset house as a background and with Christmas around the corner, a girl doesn't need more to feel like a true princess.

Keep on dreaming..

for more information Tim Walker: Story Teller


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