12 February 2010

God Rest McQueen In Peace

(all photos from www.style.com)

Words cannot describe what the loss of The Great Alexander means to everyone who loves fashion. When I was younger and my love affair with fashion was only beginning, it was the time when John Galliano and Alexander McQueen had just completed their degrees at Central Saint Martin's, London and there was such a big buzz around their collections. And the moment I saw his collections I understood why everyone was saying that fashion should be about fantasy, innovation, imagination and so many more that McQueen delivered with his shows. He was the one that made me believe that you can make it to the fashion world, even if you don't have a rich & famous family background-his dad was a taxi driver and mother was a teacher. He was one the few who have managed to make his name a fashion synonyme starting from scratch. He was unique, a true artist and never did he lower his standards in the name of commercialism.

Everything he did was in the name of true Fashion.

One of the Greats is lost but will be remembered through his work.



  1. so sad. R.I P.


  2. His collections are immortal!